Wedding Colour Trends 2020

Are you haveing troubles planning your colours for your 2020 Summer Wedding!? I know right?? It is so hard with so many beautiful colour combonations. Here I have made a few predictions of the summer wedding colours for 2020. Let me know if you are on the same page or are you doing something complety different? If you haven’t decided yet, just pick your favourites!

White plus Greenery

White flowers paried with foliage creates a pure and lovely wedding palette. For this combonation, I would design a beautiful oversized boquet where the greenery is as prominant as the flowers. Including alot of different textures is crucial when designing that syle of bouqet. It also gives the opportunity to let the greenery be used as an accent for the decor. Flowers could include, roses, ranunuclus, peonies, veronica, calla lilies and honestly, so much more. Greenery is very exciting as there are so many stunning varieties. Some of my favorites are seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, italian ruscus, smilax, jasmine vines, and plumosa.

Light Blue and White

Simple and elegant. Perfect for a summer wedding keeping the vibe light and airy.  Creating a bouquet that has a very gardeny feel to it by using flowers that have lines makes this palette a perfect one for the garden lover. Flowers like delphinium, veronica, larkspur, eryngium, Hyacinth or Lathyrus are wonderful varieties to keep that gardeny feel. Even having a beautiful light blue ribbon cascade down to create that movement that is to die for when you are walking down the aisle.

Blush and Burgundy

This is a really rich palette. Offering a multitude of floral options. It was very popular the summer of 2019 and I do not forsee this palette going anywhere. Whether you do a garden style bouquet or a tight round style, as long as you have the flowers offering some depth in the bouquet, this is a stunning combonatoin. Flowers in blush could include, charity garden roses, Quicksand roses, ranunuclus, peonies, cafe au lait dahlias and for Burgundy, Black magic roses, Tess Garden roses, Dahlias, hanging amaranthus to really give that dramatic effect, Dahlias, Peonies, smoke bush, astrantia, Black night Queen Annes Lace. So many options to choose from with this palette

Coral, peach, Burgundy and a touch of blue

With coral being such a partiuclar shade, as it can lean towards orange and towards pink,  the key is to have that peach in to offset either tone. This is a little bit of an unexpected palette but one that I do not believe should be dismissed. Including texture in this would be amazing. By using differenty varieties of eucalyptus, even succulents, make this a palette that you won’t regret. Coral Flowers are not in abundance but Coral roses, Gerbera Daisies, Dahlias or Zinnias are great options. By bringing in that soft peach and light blue, this brings the tones down and relaxes the whole look.

I hope this helps you to narrow down your choices. It is really hard to choose and I am glad I already chose my colours when I got married years ago (mine was pink and black!) I am not sure I could pick from any of these as they are all fabulous!!!!