How to care for your wedding flowers.

Once your flowers have been delivered, we no longer have control of the condition of your flowers. Yet your flowers will be essential for your wedding photos from home to destination locations until the moment you walk into the reception, therefore, a few small steps will help them to last throughout the day.

Your flowers have already been properly hydrated, cooled, treated with special preservative to aid with longevity, particularly for those hot summer days. Here re some simple steps for you to follow to keep them looking great!

  • Upon delivery, keep your flowers in the coolest part of the house
  • Keep bouquets in water or in the boxed packaging until needed. (keeping these boxes in the car during transport will alleviate damage to the bouquets)
  • Handle bouquets as gently as possible

For Natural stemmed bouquets, keep the water source with you so flower can be refreshed and drink between travels. Simply shake off the excess water or bring a hand towel along to pat them dry.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

Body flowers should be kept in a cool place if they are not going to be work right away. These types of flowers do not have a water source at all. Your florist will have already hydrated the flowers well before you received them. Keep these flowers in the fridge until you are ready to wear them.