Winter Wedding Flowers

So you are planning a winter wedding, I cannot blame you. It is almost ethereal to get married in a winter wonderland. But lets talk flowers. There are some flowers that are in season at this time of year that would work well for your big day and some that we can get but I would not recommend. Lets start with what are a few seasonal options:

Amaryllis – These come in Red and White and would make a good feature flower for your bouquet. It is quite large so you do not need many to get a real impact. They can be expensive but if you just need that wow factor, this is a great option.

Ornithigalum – Also know as the star of bethlehem. A Beautiful line flower that will help give that lovely garden style bouquet that is perfectly on trend right now.

Tulips – yes, you read that right. They are not available in every colour like the spring but there is some selection that you can get!

Peonies – I said it!! They can come from Holland at that time of year but typically, I have only seen pink varieties come in and they are not as large as the summer peonies that we know and love. They are fairly limited so be prepared to have to make a switch if they don’t come in but yes…you can get them.

Evergreen – I do believe you should have a little bit of evergreen in your bouquet. It is winter afterall. I do not think you need to go bonkers but a little bit of cedar mixed in to your bouquet, perhaps with seeded eucalyputs will put winter into your winter wonderland.

Now, there are a lot of flowers that are available year round. In fact, I would go so far as to say most but some just do not like the cold weather so if you are doing your photos outside, be prepared to not have the happiest looking bouquet afterward. Particularly Hydrangea, these do NOT like the cold and will start to wilt fairly quickly. If you really want the flowers to look good all night AND to have outdoor pictures, I would recommend having your florist do 2 bouquets for the day. Then you get to have both!!