My Floral Travel List

For those of you that don’t know me. I am a HUGE lover of travel. With Covid, that is put on hold but that does not stop the dreaming or the planning. So I thought I would share with everyone, my top 10 places to travel if you LOVE flowers! These are the ones that I have not yet attended but I most certainly will get there in my lifetime……. A floral bucket list if you will. So here they are! 

Lets work our way up to my number one place to dream about!  

  1. Orlando Florida

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival  

Let’s face it, who does not love Disney! Bringing Flowers and Fun together in such a magical place! A must go to! 

  1. London England – RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Held annually in May, it brings flowers to life with beautiful installations, talks about gardening, and the Royal Family even makes a visit!  



  1. Amsterdam Netherlands – Tulip Festival Held annually in April, the tulips fields are in full bloom and ready to tiptoe through!


  1. Aalsmeer Netherlands

This is the World’s Largest Flower Auction with over 5.5 MILLION square feet of space. This auction moves 20 million flowers per year.  




 Wagons of flowers ready to go

  1. Tokyo Japan

The Cherry Blossom Festival . This is tough to predict, you will have to watch the cherry blossom forecast and also check dates of previous years festivals. But it would be well worth going.  


  1. Madeira Island

Flower Festival. Where is Madeira you ask, it is off the Northwest coast of Africa but is part of Portugal. Not only is there a tremendous flower festival…but there are plenty of wineries to enjoy also!  




  1. Rijkhoven Belgium 

Fleuramour – 100 designers from all over the world transform the castle grounds of Alden Biesen into a stunning floral sanctuary using over 140,000 flowers 



  1. Sault France

Lavender Flower Festival, celebrate all things lavender in this amazing place. I can already smell it.  




  1. Brussels Belgium

The Flower Carpet. This is something to behold. Held in front of the Grand Place in Brussels, it is a tapestry made out of colourful begonias. Held every other August so keep your eye on the dates!  



Number 1 on my list is Medellin Colombia 

Medellin Flower Festival – I get a lot of my flowers from Colombia and I am in love with the people and the culture. To celebrate flowers with people I adore would be a dream come true for me! This is the best floral trip that I could take! Some of you may even recognize the mural I had painted on my first flower shop in Edmonton! This was the inspiration behind that mural!


                                                                                                                                            photo cred @lindahoang